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Carp Porter MK2 Rear Wheels (early generation)


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Rear wheel conversion for the earlier Carp Porter MK2. (with adjustable rear legs)

This kit contains a pair of chunky 14″ rear wheels with off-road tread pattern.

Featuring a stainless steel pin to hold the weight of the barrow, and prevent the legs slipping down.

Multiple fixing points for the pin allow you to set the desired height.

Designed to slide inside the original rear legs of your barrow.

Easy to fit, simply remove the existing internal tubes that hold the plastic mud feet. Then insert these new legs and set the pin to the desired height. Tighten the thumbscrew to prevent the wheels sliding out when you lift the barrow.

*Designed for the earlier MK2 barrows with legs as pictured in the images. Newer MK2 barrows have different rear legs, please check compatability.*

**If you have a mk2 barrow with fixed feet and not adjustable rear legs, please contact us for an alternative kit to fit your barrow.**

Customer Reviews

1 review for Carp Porter MK2 Rear Wheels (early generation)

  1. antgilbert24 (verified owner)

    Oh wow!! Received 2day, very fast delivery.
    Build quality on this rear wheel kit is outstanding.
    Looking FWD on receiving my energise, front wheel kit! ???? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????????????

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