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Electric barrow conversions for standard barrows.

Born from the need to transport tackle from car to swim with less effort, these barrow conversions are designed to transform your existing barrow into an effortless e-barrow.

This kit is designed for fitting to barrows where we cannot supply new forks. You will receive everything in the standard kit apart from the forks. We will instead supply you with two mounting brackets for the wheel, for you to weld or bolt into place.

Obviously this involves much more work on your part to fit, however it will allow those unique wheel setups to join the Energize crowd.

Modern hub motor fitted inside the centre of the wheel removes the need for bulky, unbalanced attachments to the frame or forks.

Using state-of-the-art, lightweight Lithium-Polymer batteries, you get the benefit of reliable power, without the added weight.

Microprocessor controlled for variable speed & torque, with thumb throttle and waterproof LCD display.

The kit will consist of: –

  • Brand new motorised wheel plus self-fit mounting brackets.
  • Control unit with built-in usb charging sockets
  • throttle & LCD with mounting bracket
  • Battery charger
  • Battery pack
  • All cables, plugs and straps required for fitting.
  • Accessory output for use with our range of accessories.
  • Battery safety bag for peace of mind when charging your battery

Available with a choice of battery options:-

  • Standard 6000mAh battery
  • Long range 10000mAh battery
  • Kit only – no battery included for those that already have 24V battery packs.


  • Accessories also available for this kit: –
  • LED lighting kit
  • Pannier bag to fit your Energise kit.
  • Battery bag to keep your controller and battery protected in your main barrow bag.
  • Screen protector to prevent damage to the screen when not in use
  • Designed to be self-fitted, the kit comes complete with a detailed installation and user manual. You will be responsible for mounting the wheel to your frame.
  • Checkout our upgrade kit here for all the most popular accessories in one money-saving package.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Energize – Self Fit

  1. Ray Brewster

    I have been using my energise kit for over a year now on my carp porter Mk10 S EVO barrow which I use all year round on at least a weekly basis so this product is truly time tested.
    I use my barrow for my carp fishing but interestingly I also use my MK10 when match fishing and either way I take way too much kit as it takes no effort to get to my fishing spots, which can involve up to 6 kilometres round trips.
    It has coped with the scary high bank at Berners Hall and winter mud that has been awful at times this last winter.
    I opted for the high capacity battery option and the system has never let me down.
    Customer service is first class and the guys are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
    I recommend this product to anyone who is finding todays modern kit hard to get from car to swim and back again.
    Thank you guys at Global Angling Products, this equipment has been a game changer , genuine five star rating

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