12V Compact Air Compressor

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The AA Compact Air Compressor with analogue pressure gauge is used to inflate flat tyres if you are unable to get to a garage. It boasts advanced features with the process taking only minutes.

Ideal to keep in the car/van in case of a flat tyre with your barrow, it will also reinflate vehicle tyres in around 8 minutes.

In the pack is an extendable air-hose and 3 metre power cord which plugs directly into the car 12V socket.


  • Compact and light – ideal for travel
  • 4 inch flexible air hose
  • 3m power cord
  • PSI, BAR and KPA settings
  • Max pressure 80PSI
  • 12V socket adaptor
  • Internal LED light
  • Easy to attach screw valve
  • Includes adaptors for inflatables, such as sport balls, air beds, etc

Perfect for use with tyre slime for on-the-bank repairs.

Click here to view the slime tyre sealant.

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